T eresa Bianco grew up in a Catholic Sicilian family. She is the youngest of three children. Teresa was introduced to the family business at the tender age of eight.

Her father who was her best friend and mentor was brutally murdered when she was only 14. Some say there were Mafioso ties to the family. Teresa experienced here first marriage at the age of 15. She gave birth to her only child, a daughter at the age of 16. Her initial marriage ended at the age of 17 however Teresa remarried and enjoyed 18 years of marriage through 2008. During the initial stages and preparation for writing The Family Debt, Teresa’s daughter was involved in a tragic near fatal auto accident. This occurred in 1996 when her daughter was only 24 years old. The accident, which rendered her daughter disabled proved to have a distinct impact on Teresa’s life perspectives..


A For many years, Teresa served, as a manager and administrator for several businesses. In 1990, in spite of her challenges, Teresa forged ahead with the creation of her own telecommunications consulting firm. The firm grew, expanded and successfully flourished for 17 years in the state of Michigan.

In 2004, Teresa moved to Tennessee to support her husband as he pursued a career as a songwriter in the music industry. Shortly thereafter her daughter joined her which was a welcomed reunion for Teresa. Teresa now resides in Tennessee where she continues her career as a writer and manages care for her daughter. In 2007, she began the journey of researching and documenting the riveting story of Jack Bianco, her father and the main focus of The Family Debt. When asked about her preparation for writing this intriguing story, Teresa simply states, “ The formal training I received during my school years could never prepare me to tell the story of Giacomo “Jack” Bianco. It would be my personal life experiences that would ultimately provide me with the acute emotions, the insight and the tenacity required to write my fathers life story.”

A daughter’s perspective on a father’s love, a father’s passion and a father’s early demise is revealed to the entire world in this true cold case crime story that was never told…. <strong?Until Now….

A Few Words From Teresa:

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It is wonderful to know you have enjoyed reading “The Family Debt” which has been a life long journey for me.

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